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How do you get “average Christians” to establish and maintain a habit of regular of Bible reading?  That may seem like a rather mundane religious question; aren’t there more important issues for Christian leaders to think about?  Maybe. 

But I’m convinced that correctly answering that simple question is one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for the Western Church today.  

Because the real issue behind the question is not just the renewal of a personal spiritual discipline.  Rather, it’s the renewal of the Church itself.

So what I've done is write an e-book called The Essential Secret, and you are welcome to download it free.  In it I’ve shared seven principles for getting entire churches reading and enjoying God’s Word.  I've discovered that's really possible.  For the past 10 years, Scripture Union has helped over 5,000 churches increase the level of Bible reading among their congregants through a program called The Essential 100 Challenge (E100®). 

I wrote The Essential Secret because I want to share what we’ve learned from our experience with E100®; in essence, I want to give you “our secret sauce.”  My hope is you’ll add some of what we’ve discovered to your ministry so that more of your people will begin reading and enjoying God’s Word.

Here’s a link to the free e-book: The Essential Secret.  Feel free to forward it to your pastor or anyone who might be interested.  Thanks!

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